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17th December 2015

GME Ltd are proud to be partnered with Leeds College of Building and CITB (Construction Industry Training Board and partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England). We have worked with apprentices for many years – in fact most of our employees started their careers with us as apprentices.

GME Ltd give apprentices the opportunity to build on their experience whilst completing levels 1 to 3 of a Painting and Decorating NVQ, lasting approximately three years. We usually have two to three apprentices with us at any one time, the majority of whom choose to stay with us after they are qualified.

As part of the course apprentices are trained in the following areas:

•How to use painting and decorating tools and equipment
•How to apply various oil/water based paints to different surfaces including windows, doors, ceilings and walls
•How to use different types of access equipment safely e.g. ladders and towers
•How to prepare different backgrounds ready to apply decorative finishing including wallpaper, paint and decorative effects
•How to apply various types of wall coverings including free match, patterned papers and embossed
•How to correctly apply decorative finishes such as marbling and graining, sponge stippling, stencilling and broken colour

In addition to the apprentices sourced through Leeds College of Building, we also work with a charity called In2Out. In2Out address the issues faced by local young people with convictions and aim to break the cycle of re-offending through its work appointing mentors and integrating these young people into the workplace.

“Developing a sense of purpose is a key contributor to reducing re-offending. In2Work, our programme for transitioning ex-offenders into a real-life working environment, is tailored to suit all abilities. We build relationships with employers willing to offer employment or training to young men or women who are motivated to work.”

The nature of convictions is carefully scrutinised by both In2Out and GME Ltd and individuals are prudently selected for each suitable working environment whilst being appropriately supervised – as all apprentices would be.

The skillset of our team is incredibly important and something we are continually developing. Our frontline team i.e. those who would all have Asbestos awareness training. Whenever new products or techniques are brought to our attention we ensure that all employees are suitable trained to use them, and refresher training is always available should employees request it.

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