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About GME Painting Contractors

We’re a Yorkshire-based team of highly skilled painting and decorating experts who’ve been providing quality workmanship for commercial and domestic clients since 2008. We’ve developed a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and outstanding service, and have become the region’s first choice for clients in need of professional results with minimal disruption.

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Residential Window & Door Spraying

Looking to give your property a new lease of life? We can help transform your home by spray painting external windows and doors in whichever colour you choose.

Spraying your uPVC windows and doors costs a fraction of replacing them, so you’ll save money and rejuvenate the exterior of your property with no mess, and no hassle.

Plus, all our work is guaranteed for 10 years.

GME’s team of highly-skilled spray technicians deliver domestic projects of all sizes – and we use specially-formulated paint that stands the test of time, giving you a smooth, professional finish every time.

Your newly spray-painted uPVC windows, door frames and other surfaces will look fantastic and be protected for years to come.

With GME you get friendly efficiency and quality workmanship – and most spray painting jobs can be completed inside a day.

We’ll take care of everything with complete professionalism, from the initial quote through to tidying up on completion.

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Office Painting

First impressions count in business.

That’s why GME Painting Contractors provide a comprehensive range of commercial painting and decorating services.

From one-off projects to regular maintenance contracts, we work with clients across a wide variety of sectors, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, education, leisure, retail, housing and heritage organisations.

GME are trusted by high-profile multi-site companies, national brands, local government and education providers because of our attention to detail, impeccably high standards and ability to adapt to different situations and conditions.

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Warehouse Painting

We’ll deliver exactly what you asked for, on time, on budget, and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Our wealth of experience across a huge range of sectors and industries means we’ve got the ability to take on projects and challenges that other painting firms just can’t manage.

As well as tackling all common decorating and repainting projects, our experienced workforce also take care of the tasks that your team might have been putting off for a while.

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Site Hoarding

When it comes to increasing your business’s curb appeal, there’s no easier way to do it than by painting the fences around your property.

If your fencing is starting to show its age, you might think that it’s time to replace it.

But if the foundations are still stable and the fence hasn’t been damaged, why spend time, money and effort on a new one?

Using only top-quality paint and tools to give you impeccable results, our specialists will give your external fencing and gates a fresh coat of paint and get them looking brand new.

We’ll take care of all the necessary scaffolding, the removal of any decay and rot, the handling of cracks and weatherproofing before painting takes place.

Get the job done right and choose GME – you deserve a fence that’ll stand out from the crowd.

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Fire Escape Painting

Constant outdoor exposure means that fire escapes can look unsightly over time.

GME’s expert commercial team specialises in quality exterior painting that will keep your fire escape from rusting and disintegrating.

We’ll remove any loose and peeling paint, scrape away any rust and prep the metal before repainting, leaving you with a fire escape that looks like new.

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Storage Container Painting

Fresh paintwork is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of shipping and storage containers, and it provides a tough barrier between the steel and the ever-changing British weather.

GME can transform and rejuvenate your storage containers, smartening their appearance and enhancing the overall look of your facilities.

Choose a colour to match your corporate identity or a tone to blend the container with its environment and let GME do the rest.

We use paint that’s manufactured specifically for containers, so it’s durable and long-lasting and designed to protect your investment in the harshest of environments.

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